The vision of the Chaffee County storytelling initiative is to unite Chaffee County residents by recognizing that every member of our community has experiences and stories that contribute to the fabric of our culture. By sharing our stories intentionally, and listening intently, we can identify the similarities between us and understand a bit better the impact that our collective policy decisions have on one another.  Sharing stories can empower individuals who have historically been silent, due to perceived positions of power.

Los Frutos del Sacrificio de un Padre

After many years of searching, a daughter finds the stability and safety of her own home in Chaffee.



A homeless man shares cake – and a new definition of dignity – with a local pastor, whose view of the world is re-defined.   


Rebuilding Home

A single mom builds a better future, and a home, for herself and her two boys.



A woman who escaped a tumultuous childhood and an abusive partner channels her energy into becoming a local advocate for affordable housing.   


You Take What You're Dealt
& Make the Best of It

A trailer provides a sense of home for a family facing a series of challenges.


Seen, Not Heard

After a childhood of abuse, a woman finds strength and a hope by providing a sense of home by helping to raise three children.


Do you have a story to tell? Storytelling workshops planned for Fall 2020.

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