WHAT: Housing + Health Storytelling Workshop During multi-day virtual workshops, you’ll learn what makes a good story – and how to put the pieces of your personal experience together into a powerful narrative that can inspire others and influence decision makers. You’ll gain production and presentation tips that allow you to shine on-camera and present yourself more effectively in any situation.


WHO: Chaffee County residents with diverse backgrounds that are willing to share their story of Resilience. We want to hear from business owners, nonprofits, students, parents, employees, and more to create a fabric of stories that are unique to Chaffee County.

WHEN: November 2, 4, 6, 9 & 13th, 2:00-4:00 pm We know that this is a major commitment.

We can offer:         

•    Childcare         

•    Computer loans for use during the workshop         

•    Incentives for lost time at work         

•    Assistance to other barriers you may have


WHERE: All sessions will be remote in Zoom or Google Meet. HOW: Questions or interested in participating in the workshop? Contact Chaffee County Public Health at or 719-539-4510.

Chaffee County Office of Housing
Touber Building
448 East First Street
Salida, Colorado 81201
Chaffee County Public Health
Touber Building
448 East First Street
Salida, Colorado 81201