More affordable housing means better health for our community.


In Chaffee County, we believe that everyone has a right to adequate housing and good health. Unfortunately, that’s a goal that we are still working towards. In our county, there are still too many people who can’t access affordable housing. Studies and experiences from our county and state tell us that a lack of affordable housing also exacerbates health problems – including respiratory diseases, poor mental health, infectious disease, and high blood pressure.


Housing and health go hand-in-hand. The Housing + Health site provides resources, education and community stories to help you understand the challenges and solutions facing Chaffee County today.  

Chaffee County releases Landlord-Tenant Survey Results


Chaffee Housing Authority is working on building out a new website for release in 2022. In our efforts to Increase equitable access to home rental and home ownership opportunities in Chaffee County, we envision a website that will link landlords and tenants to rental listings, as well as the potential for tenants to post a profile of their needs. In order to gauge whether this would be a useful and desired tool from both the perspective of landlords/property managers and tenants, we created and distributed a county-wide survey to solicit the following:

1. Current information on the most-used methods of both listing and seeking rental opportunities in Chaffee County;

2. Valuable feedback on potential levels of participation and need for a website to host listings;

3. Awareness and opportunities for education on laws that surround housing locally and in Colorado, and;

4. The level of interest for participating in potential professional development and education opportunities through the CHA for both property owners and tenants.

Read the survey results HERE!


Chaffee County announces approval of

Chaffee Housing Authority 


Chaffee County has a new multi-jurisdictional Housing Authority representing Chaffee County, Buena Vista, and Salida. The Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) agreement was signed on October 15th by elected officials representing Chaffee County, Buena Vista, and Salida. Chaffee County Commissioner Keith Baker called the agreement “a historic moment for Chaffee County” and emphasized that the Chaffee Housing Authority will work on ensuring housing is affordable, equitable and attainable for Chaffee County residents.

The creation of the Chaffee Housing Authority has been under development for a number of years and was truly a community effort. The Housing Policy Advisory Committee (HPAC), the Chaffee Housing Authority Steering Committee, and many Chaffee County, Buena Vista and Salida staff and elected officials all had input on the success of the creation of the CHA.

The Chaffee Housing Authority is an independent government entity supported by the three municipalities. The Town of Poncha Springs elected not to join Chaffee Housing Authority at this time, however, the process for joining in the future is known, and they may join at a later time.

The benefits of having a local Housing Authority include a more focused approach to obtaining or creating affordable housing, the ability to directly manage affordable housing units, and an increased opportunity to secure funding and create partnerships focused on increasing the county’s affordable housing supply.

“We are excited to begin work as a Housing Authority and look forward to accelerating the progress that has already been made to create more equitable housing opportunities for local all community members,” said Becky Gray, who has led the Steering Committee and has been serving as the Chaffee County Office of Housing Director.

Contact information:  

Becky Gray, Director of Housing Chaffee County   




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